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Cadence is known by car audio competition experts to be the best value and best quality brand around. They have been winning car audio competitions every time they try. The same model we have for sale has been used in many of these winning show vehicles competing in sound quality competitions.  These subs also go insanely loud!  Attached are some photos from IASCA TURKEY last week where Cadence took 3 x First Place Trophies and 4 x 2nd Trophies including loudest 2 woofer vehicle which hit 168.3dB. If you want the best value, the best sound quality, and the best price, this deal is for you!

For all of you looking at this product who are familiar with the TX series from Cadence you already know that these subs will have better sound quality than any other sub out there with similar ratings.  In general Cadence rates there subs very conservatively.  This sub is rated at 600 watts peak and 300 watts RMS.  However, you may notice that this sub has a 100 OZ magnet and is bigger and heavier than subs made by other brands such as Alpine.  See chart below to prove our point that with Cadence you pay for quality, while with other brand names like Alpine or Rockford (which we sell in our store and they are great brands) you are paying for quality and for a well-known brand name who spends a lot of money marketing.

Comparison of the Cadence TXW10-2S to the Alpine SWR-1022D:

TXW10-2S SWR-1022D
100 OZ Dualex Magnet 85 OZ magnet
300 watts RMS Rated 500 watts RMS Rated
Audiosavings Price: $59 shipped Audiosavings Price: $122.85 shipped (which is a cheap price for this Alpine sub)
Conclusion:  Cadence rates this subwoofer more conservatively and this 300 watt RMS Cadence sub, from our experiences (and many other peoples experiences) is louder than the above 500 watt RMS Alpine sub.  This Cadence sub closeout is a better value, and best of all this is optimized for sound quality so the sound quality will be much better also!

Cadence rates these subs at 600 watts peak and 300 watts RMS which is a tremendous amount of power, however from our testing, these subs sounded more like 1,500 watts peak and about 550 watts RMS!  You can easily power each sub with 450 watts RMS and not worry that they will blow.  These subs have huuuge 100 Oz magnets. In addition these subs have an amazing amount of excursion, which means the sub has breathing room, and the speaker will be the most accurate in terms of sound quality and frequencies it can hit (32Hz - 500Hz to be exact).

The TXW10-2 10" inch 600 watt sub is a tremendous sub!  This sub has an inverted titanium cone which makes this sub extremely efficient and it produces incredible soundquality.  We have seen many subs with rubber surrounds, but Cadence hooked this sub up with vertical roll rubber surrounds meaning the surrounds are thicker and able to absorb and eliminate unwanted noises.  Surrounds are extremely important to the sound quality, which is why Cadence made sure to make the surrounds on these subs better than just any regular rubber surrounds. 

These subwoofers also have an amazing brushed aluminum finish and they look very serious.  These will impress anyone who sees them because they look good, sound clean, and they are really loud, and they can hit an amazing frequency range.

We carry hundreds of different subs in our store, and we can honestly say that these are by far the best you can get for your money, and that the sound quality you will get out of these are powerful enough to win an SQ competition.

These subs also will go crazy loud, and we guarantee that if you put these side by side with subs rated with the same power, these will have the ability to go louder!  (Please note a subwoofer will only go as loud as the amp powering them so make sure you have a good amp to go with these -- E-mail us if you need reccomendations)

  • Frequency Response 32Hz - 500Hz
  • 2" Four Layer High Temperature Voice Coil
  • 100 oz. Dualex Magnet Structure
  • Vertical Roll Rubber Surround
  • Inverted Titanium Cone
  • One Piece Steel Basket
  • Nickel Plated Push Terminals
  • Dual-X Double Spider
  • Chrome Plated Back Plate
  • Available in 4 Ohm and 2 Ohm
  • Mounting Depth 5.55"
  • Brushed Aluminum finish










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