2) Celestion V-Type 12" 70W Vintage-Tone Guitar Speakers 8 Ohm W/Ceramic Magnets

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  • (2) Celestion V-Type 12" Inch 70W Vintage-Tone Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm W/Ceramic Magnet


Combining decades of experience with advanced measurement and analysis the V-Type has been built using a carefully balanced 'recipe' of old and new design techniques. It produces a heady exciting modern vintage sound that just makes you want to keep on playing: a guitar speaker that delivers authentic Celestion tone whatever your style.The V-type is a sweet sounding speaker with a superbly balanced tonal signature that imparts a vintage musicality to your tone. Clean sounds are true across the lows mids and highs with just enough upper-mid chime and HF sparkle to add clarity and definition. Crank it up for a sizzling overdrive and raw rock tones with plenty of mid-band warmth to give body and substance to lead note playing.


  • Nominal diameter: 305mm / 12in
  • Power rating: 70W
  • Rated impedance: 8O
  • Sensitivity: 98dB
  • Chassis type: Pressed steel
  • Magnet type: Ceramic
  • Magnet weight: 0.88kg / 31oz
  • Voice coil diameter: 1.75in / 44mm
  • Voice coil material: Round copper
  • Frequency range: 70-5000Hz
  • Resonance frequency, Fs: 75Hz
  • DC resistance, Re: 7.3O

Mounting Information:

  • Cut-out diameter: 283mm / 11.1in
  • Diameter: 309mm / 12.2in
  • Magnet structure diameter: 134mm / 5.3in
  • Mounting hole dimensions: 7.9mm / 0.31in Ø
  • Mounting hole PCD: 297mm / 11.7in
  • Number of mounting holes: 8
  • Chassis depth (inc gasket): 94mm / 3.70in
  • Magnet depth: 30mm / 1.18in
  • Overall depth: 123mm / 4.8in
  • Unit weight: 3.3kg / 7.2lb
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