6 Rockville VOL70200 SS 200w 70v Stainless Wall Volume Controls Zone Controllers

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  • (6) Rockville VOL70200 SS 200w 70v Stainless Wall Volume Control Zone Controller Box

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The Rockville VOL70200 SS is a 70 volt, 200 watt wall volume controller that's perfect for multi - zone 70V amplifiers. What sets this model apart is its single gang size, making it more compact than the typical 2 - gang size of most 200 watt volume controllers.

This model uses a high - quality potentiometer that's both precise and accurate, with a knob made out of a special synthetic plastic called bakelite that's resistant to heat and scratches. The black knob features a 12 - step attenuation with volume control from 0 to 10, as well as an absolute off position that turns the unit off. 

This volume controller supports any zone with 200 watts or less going to it, with euro-block connectors that make installation easy. The terminals are fully detachable and the plate is designed to fit seamlessly with your standard décor. The circuit board is also protected from dust build - up to ensure long life.

Overall, the Rockville VOL70200 SS is a dependable, high-quality volume controller that's perfect for any 70 volt multi - zone setup. Its single gang size and detachable euro - block terminal connector make it easy to install and use, while its reliable performance and attractive design make it a great choice for any home or commercial setting.


  • Rockville VOL70200 SS 200 watt 70 volt wall volume control zone controller box
  • 1-gang size
  • Supports any zone with 200 watts or less
  • 70, 100 volt operation (also works with lower constant voltage systems)
  • 16-24 AWG wire inputs
  • Rugged stainless steel frame with black knob
  • Power rating: 200W (works with 200 watts and under)
  • Total attenuation: 0 to-100dB
  • Dimensions: 4.5”(H) x 2.75”(W) x 3”(D) (including the knob)
  • Item weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Rotating volume control with 12-step attenuation (volume 0 through 10 and anabsolute off position)
  • Detachable euro-block terminal connector allows for quick and easy speaker wire connection
  • Single gang plate fits standard single gang electrical boxes
  • Attractive design that blends well with your decor
  • Dependable performance with protection from dust (internal board is protected with special tape)
  • Excellent frequency response to prevent signal deterioration
  • Mounting screws included
  • Recommended to mount in a "backless" junction box for adequate ventilation
  • If an enclosed box is used, a deep box (4.5 inches in depth) is recommended
  • Premium-quality volume controller
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