M-Audio Recording Kit w/USB Mic+Headphones+Controller+Monitors+Stands+CAMOPACK

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Product Description

Package Includes:

  • (1) M-Audio UBER MIC Recording Podcasting Gaming Streaming Studio USB Microphone
  • (1) M-Audio KEYSTATION MINI 32 III 32-Key MIDI USB Keyboard Controller MK III MK3
  • (1) Rockville PRO-M50 Studio Headphones w/ Detachable Coil Cable, Case+Extra Ear Pad
  • (1) Pair of Samson M30 Powered 20w Studio/Computer/Podcast Reference Monitors Speakers
  • (1) Pair Rockville RHT8B Computer/Bookshelf Desktop Speaker/Studio Monitor Stands-Black
  • (1) Rockville DJ Laptop/Gear Travel Camo Backpack Bag+Headphone Compartment+Dividers

Description of UBERMIC:

Recording Simplified!

Uber Mic is the perfect set-up for all your recording needs—whether it’s recording acoustic instruments & vocals, capturing pristine audio for podcasts & broadcasting, or simply bringing your gaming experience to the next level. Uber Mic does it all – start recording, streaming & broadcasting now!

Jack of All Trades

Crystal-clear recording demands the right tools for the job. M-Audio’s Uber Mic features a large-diaphragm 3-capsule condenser microphone, perfect for podcasting applications or capturing high-quality audio from vocalists, instruments, percussion and more. With a choice of four polar patterns including cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-8 and single point stereo, Uber Mic is primed for virtually any recording scenario:

  • Cardioid – a directional pattern, perfect for capturing singular sound sources while eliminating unwanted room reflections and background noise
  • Omnidirectional – equal output/sensitivity at all angles captures your sound sources from all directions, perfect for adding some ambience to your recordings or capturing a group of sound sources
  • Figure 8 - equal output/sensitivity on two sides of the microphone, ideal for capturing two independent sound sources simultaneously
  • Stereo – picks up from the left and right side of the microphone, producing a true stereo image

Studio Grade Sound

Whatever your recording requirements, Uber Mic guarantees premium studio-grade capture every time. Fusing pristine A/D converters that provide 16-bit resolution digital audio, your recordings will exhibit exceptional dynamic range that capture every nuance and subtlety of your performance. When combined with a wide range 30-20,000Hz frequency response and sample rates of up to 48kHz, you can be sure your recordings are completely clear and true to the original source.

Tactile Control

Get hands-on with your recording! Uber Mic’s assortment of hardware controls and thoughtful connectivity options guarantee professional, hassle-free capture every time. Troublesome latency issues are a thing of the past, thanks to a conveniently-located dedicated USB/direct mixing control and a microphone volume control. Zero-latency recording and monitoring is now a reality and you’ll hear exactly what you’re recording in real time.
There’s privacy when you need it, courtesy of a microphone mute control and on-board 1/8-inch headphone jack with internal headphone amplifier. Take total control of your recording and make precise adjustments to your currently-selected level and polar pattern configuration with the crisp on-board LCD display. With Uber Mic, everything you need to produce premium pro-grade recordings is at your fingertips.

Seamless Setup

Complicated setups are a thing of the past. Thanks to a dedicated stand for ultra-convenient desktop mounting, plus a threaded insert for optional boom stand-mounting, Uber Mic is versatile, full-featured and sonically impressive. Whatever your recording needs, think Uber.

Pro Tools First Download

Pro Tools | First, the industry standard for recording software, is now included with M-Track C-Series Audio/MIDI interfaces, as well as our renowned CTRL, Code, Oxygen, Hammer and Keystation USB/MIDI keyboard controllers. This amazing audio recording software helps inspire any artist, traveling musician or singer-songwriter to create, record and share all of their ideas across the world at any time.
Pro Tools | First features Unlimited Busses, Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch, Offline Bounce and 1 GB of free cloud storage space for collaboration or accessing your projects from any computer anywhere that is connected to the internet.
This truly amazing software recording package is primed to get your ideas out of your imagination and amplified out into the world, enjoy!

Touch Loops

Chop up and mix 2 gigs of samples ranging from deep ambient synth pad loops to vintage drum one shots. These are all designed to inspire your music production and provide professional sounding samples that will shine in your mix. Touch Loops perfectly captures the tone and intensity of each sample, so they enhance and complement any song, wherever you use them. This incredible value can be found in your M-Audio account, ready to be downloaded and chopped to your liking!

  • Easy, intuitive operation for any application
  • Wide-range 30–20,000Hz frequency response delivers detailed, natural sound
  • 3-capsule condenser microphone element, including single-point stereo
  • 4 selectable polar patterns to customize your ideal recording
  • Polar patterns: cardioid, figure-8, omnidirectional, and stereo
  • 1/8” headphone jack and internal headphone amplifier
  • USB/direct mixing control with mic volume control enables zero-latency recording and monitoring
  • Microphone mute control ensures privacy
  • LCD display shows polar pattern and currently selected control level
  • Studio-quality recording and playback for accurate reproduction
  • Convenient desktop mounting with threaded insert for optional stand-mounting
  • Integrated stand fits easily into any setup
  • iOS compatibility using the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (sold separately)



    Headphone Output:


    • Impedance: 10 O
    • Output Power: 30 mW (@48O)
    • THD: 0/03%
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 KHz
    • SNR: 110 dB
    • (1) 1/8” (3.5 mm) TRS/stereo headphone output
    • (1) mini-USB port
    • (1) 5/8”-27 mounting point
    • via mini-USB
    • 4.5” x 10.75” / 11.4 x 27.3 cm (diameter x height; with integrated stand)
    • 4.0 lb. / 1.8 kg (microphone & integrated stand) 1.5 lb.
    • 0.7 kg (microphone only)
    • 2.1 lb. / 1.0 kg (integrated stand only)



      What’s In The Box:

      • Keystation Mini 32 MK3
      • Software Download Card Pro Tools | First
      • Software Download Card AIR Music Technology Xpand!2
      • USB A to USB B mini cable
      • User Guide
      • Safety & Warranty Manual

      Description of KEYSTATIONMINI32MK3:

      Simple Software Control
      Start creating and performing music with your Mac or PC with the world’s best-selling keyboard controllers: The Keystation Series from M-Audio.

      Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for just the right controller when you’re on the go or you’re looking to get started with the right mini USB MIDI controller, the Keystation Mini 32 MK3 is for you! It’s a simple, powerful MIDI controller designed for sequencing music and playing virtual instruments on your Mac or PC. Keystation Mini 32 MK3 features 32 natural-feeling mini-size velocity-sensitive keys and comprehensive controls that expand the range of playable notes and enhance your expressive possibilities.

      With Keystation Mini 32 MK3, maximizing your creativity while minimizing the complication is easy. Use the fully-assignable octave range buttons, volume knob and dedicated pitch-bend and modulation buttons to play and perform with your music software. Keystation Mini 32 MK3 also features a sustain button for genuine piano sustain.

      Mobile Music-Making
      Lightweight and mobile, Keystation Mini 32 MK3 is perfect for traveling musicians who want to take command of music software during live performances or for producers who want to add an easy-to-use MIDI controller with a small footprint to their studio. For a simple portable setup, Keystation Mini 32 is USB-powered, class-compliant and supports USB-MIDI connectivity. Plus, Keystation Mini 32 MK3 supports iOS connectivity with the Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (sold separately), enabling you to perform and compose with audio apps on your iPad and other iOS devices.

      Included Software
      Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition
      Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition is included with the Keystation Mini 32 MK3. Pro Tools is the industry standard for recording software and the teams at M-Audio and AVID have crafted a version of this terrific collection specifically tailored for M-Audio hardware. This amazing audio and MIDI recording software helps inspire any artist, musician or singer-songwriter to create, record and share all their ideas across the world at any time.

      Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition features Unlimited Busses, Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch, Offline Bounce and 1 GB of free cloud storage space for collaboration or accessing your projects from any computer anywhere that is connected to the internet, plus compatibility with all the included AIR Music Tech Virtual Instruments.

      This truly amazing software recording package is primed to get your ideas out of your imagination and amplified into the world. Enjoy!

      AIR Music Technology Xpand!2
      AIR Music’s Xpand!2 is a multitimbral workstation offering four active sound slots, or parts, per patch. Each part is provided with its own MIDI channel, Note Range (Zone), Mix, Arpeggiation, Modulation, and Effects settings—an excellent method for creating individual parts. Harnessing the four parts together to build one amazing Patch is where Xpand!2 reveals its true power. Using everything from wavetables and FM synthesis to sample playback, the expert sound design team at Air Music Tech has carefully created thousands of ready-to-play Xpand!2 patches.


      • 32 low-profile, velocity-sensitive mini keys
      • Selectable velocity curves match any playing style
      • Pitch bend and modulation buttons add expression
      • Octave up and down buttons for extended keyboard range
      • Volume knob delivers smooth control
      • Sustain button enhances performance
      • Edit Mode button provides access to advanced functions
      • USB power and data offer single-cable convivence
      • Includes Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition performance/recording software/DAW
      • Includes AIR Music Tech Xpand!2 multitimbral all-in-one workstation


      • Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition
      • AIR Music Technology Xpand!2

      • Power: via USB
      • Dimensions: 16.46" x 4.13" x 0.78" (418 x 105 x 198 mm
      • Weight: 1 lb (0.45kg)?

      Minimum System Requirements:

      • Minimum System Requierments:
      • macOS: Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.11 2GB RAM (4GB Recommended)
      • PC: PC with Windows 7 (Service Pack 1); Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz Processor; 2GB RAM (4GB Recommended)
      • Consult M-Audio.com/support for current software system requirements



      • PRO-M50 headphones
      • Detachable cable
      • Soft suede and leather ear cushions (interchangeable)
      • Leather hard travel protective case
      • Gold plated ¼" adapter

      All About Your PRO-M50:


      Rockville brings you studio quality headphones and at an incredible price with its new PRO-M50 headphones. These are professional grade headphones that are guaranteed to ourperform headphones that cost triple the price! These feature ergonomically designed swiveling cups with interchangeable soft suede or leather finish cushions (included). The ear cups seal tight for excellent sound isolation and minimal bleed. Inside these cups you'll find 40mm Neodymium drivers delivering accurate audio with an extended frequency range for clear and rich bass, and a full frequency range of mids and highs. These are closed back style headphones specifically designed for studio monitoring. These play back the sound with a flat frequency curve so you can hear your music exactly how it was recorded. With the PRO-M50 you can expect to hear every detail of every song with extreme accuracy. These headphones cover full frequency ranges; even extending a bit past the frequencies that the human ear can hear.

      The headband is made of soft leather, offering ultimate comfort even after extended wear. The beautifully designed stainless steel headband frame and arms are strong and durable. A detachable 51" coiled 100% Oxygen Free Copper cable with a gold plated 3.5mm plug is included along with a gold plated ¼" adapter to ensure the best possible signal. A hard leather case is included to store and protect your new investment when you are on the go.

      Amazing sound quality will make these your go-to headphones whether in the studio or out and about!


      • Rockville PRO-M50 Studio Headphones w/ Detachable Coil Cable, Case+Extra Ear Pad
      • Professional High-Definition Studio Headphones
      • 40mm Neodymium drivers
      • Ergonomically designed swivel ear cups
      • Supreme sound isolation
      • Accurate sound reproduction
      • Minimal bleed
      • Sturdy and durable steel headband and arms
      • Soft leather headband cover
      • Interchangeable leather and soft suede ear cups covers included
      • Detachable 51" coil cable made of 100% Oxygen Free Copper (158" fully extended)
      • Gold plated 3.5mm connector
      • Gold plated ¼" adapter
      • Hard leather carrying case
      • Stainless steel headband frame and moving arms are durable and long-lasting


      • Style: Closed-Back
      • Design: Circumaural
      • Transducer Type: Dynamic
      • Driver: 40MM
      • Sensitivity: 97±3dB
      • Impedance: 32ohm
      • Frequency Response:10Hz - 25KHz
      • Max. Power: 600MW
      • Rating Power: 260MW
      • Net Weight: 290g (with cable)

      Authorized Samson Dealer

      Description of SAM30:

      Samson’s MediaOne M30 Powered Studio Monitors are a compact, full-range speaker solution for all your desktop and multimedia applications. Whether you're listening to music, producing tracks, watching videos or gaming, this stereo monitor pair features an internal amplifier, solid wood construction and high-quality components that produce big sound, while occupying minimal desktop space..

      Small Size, Big Sound
      Don't let their small size fool you. Both MediaOne M30 monitors feature a 3" polypropylene woofer that provides tight lows, complemented by a 3/4" silk-dome tweeter housed in a custom waveguide that adds smooth highs with a wide sound stage. The result is a compact system with a balanced frequency response and stunning full-range audio. On top of that, a Bass Boost switch allows you to enhance the lows if desired.

      Built From Experience
      Based on Samson’s 20 years of experience designing professional studio monitors for recording studios around the world, the MediaOne M30s are powered by an internal 20-watt (10 watts per channel), studio-grade A/B amplifier to produce robust, detailed sound. Also, solid wood cabinet construction with rear porting ensures maximum efficiency and low response without mechanical power loss.

      Multiple Connections for Multimedia
      Connect your mixer, audio interface, computer or mobile audio device to the system’s rear RCA inputs. A front panel headphone jack mutes the speakers for private listening sessions. In addition, a 1/8” (3.5mm) output allows you to integrate a powered subwoofer with your MediaOne M30s to create a 2.1 system.


      • (2) SAMSON M30 Powered 20W Studio/Computer/Podcasting Monitors
      • Amplifier: Class AB
      • RMS Power Rating: 2 x 10W @ 8-Ohms
      • Woofers: 2 x 3" Polypropylene with Butyl Surround
      • Tweeters: 2 x 3/4" Silk Dome
      • Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20kHz
      • Signal-to-Noise Ration: 85dB
      • Distortion (THD): <0.1%
      • Input Impedance: 18K Ohms
      • Input Connectors: Stereo RCA
      • Output Connectors: Stereo 1/8" Sub, Stereo 1/8" headphone, 1/8" Left Speaker
      • Controls: Power/Volume Knob, Bass Boost Switch
      • Indicators: Power LED
      • Finish: Black Vinyl
      • Product Dimensions: 5" x 5.75" x 7.5"
      • Product Weight: 6.5 Lbs
      • Gift Box Dimensions: 12.75” x 13.5” x 7.75”
      • Gift Box Weight: 8.05 Lbs

      Video of RHT8B:


      • 8 Isolation pads
      • 4 Cable clips
      • 4 Cable ties
      • 16 Screws


      The Rockville RHT8B high performance Desktop wood speaker stands are designed with appearance, performance, and quality in mind. These stands are perfect for Computer speakers, Bookshelf speakers, and studio monitors!

      Our stands are finished with premium furniture-grade paint that will not crack, chip, or peel. These stands are constructed from high quality medium density fiber core to minimize resonance. Unlike our competitors who use particle board we use a higher quality wood in the construction of our stands.

      With the included EVA speaker isolation pads you can feel confident that your speakers will be sturdy and perform optimally. The load capacity of these stands are 66 lbs. Most other stands on the market have a maximum load capacity of 20 lbs. which really is not enough for a lot of speakers on the market. These stands are sturdy, built well, look great, and out-perform the competition so buy with confidence!


      • 2 Rockville RHT8B Computer/Bookshelf Desktop Speaker/Studio Monitor Stands-Black
      • Finished with premium furniture-grade paint that will not crack, chip, or peel.
      • Made from high quality medium density fiber core to minimize resonance
      • Isolation pads create a no-slip surface as well as improve acoustical performance
      • 66 lbs. load capacity allows you to use a heavier speaker without compromising stability.


      • Stands Height: 8"
      • Base plate size: 11.8" 9"
      • Top Platform size: 9.25" 7.28"
      • Item Load weight capacity: 66 lbs.
      • Item weight per pair: 9.6 lbs.
      • Shipping weight: 11.5 lbs.
      • Color: Black
      • Shipping dimensions: 13.8" x 10" x 11.4"
      • Product dimension: 11.8" x 9" x 8"

      About Rockville Quality Control Procedures:

      The Rockville brand stands for Quality, Innovation and Value. We aim to deliver products twice as good as our competitors at a fraction of the cost of famous brands. All Rockville products go through the most rigorous quality control standards in the industry. Products go through months of extensive testing before they reach your hands. All functions and components are tested for quality. Rockville makes products that are virtually un-breakable! Rockville is one of the only brands in its class to have engineers and technicians test every concept model for weeks or months before starting production. Once production begins, Rockville sends product engineers to the factory to quality control every product. After production is complete Rockville has the head of QC in our overseas office test a certain percentage of all products from the production line a second time to ensure that the quality meets our strict standards. All Rockville products are backed with a hassle free warranty.

      Video of RVCAMOPACK:


      The Rockville RVCAMOPACK is a durable padded Gear bag that lets you take your gear from gig to gig protected and in style! This backpack style bag has heavy duty zippers and plenty of pockets and dedicated compartments equipped with elastic bands to store all your necessities such as laptops, DJ controllers, microphones, interfaces, cables, hard drives, headphones, vinyl, and much more. In addition this bag is fully padded and even has padded interior dividers so you can be organized and confident your gear will be protected during travel.


      • Rockville DJ Laptop/Gear Travel Backpack Bag w/ Headphone Compartment+Dividers in Camo
      • Padded Interior Dividers for Organized Packing
      • Fully Padded for ultimate Gear Protection
      • Heavy Duty Zippers and Zipper Pulls
      • Elastic Band Cable Holders
      • Bottom Feet for increased stability
      • Padded Handle
      • Padded Shoulder Strap
      • Padded back
      • Large Side and Front Pockets
      • Dedicated Adjustable Compartment for Laptop
      • Dedicated Headphone Compartment
      • Dedicated Pocket for Laptop Stand Such As RLS2400, L stand
      • Approximate Dimensions (exterior): 19"W x 20"H x 13"D
      • Approximate Shipping dimensions (exterior): 23" x 15.5" x 9"
      • Weight: 6 lbs
      • Approximate Shipping weight: 7 lbs
      • Color: Camo
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