Rockville RKS42X X-Stand 2-Tier Keyboard Stand w/Quick Release Fits Casio LK-190

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The RKS42X is the newest X-stand by Rockville. It is extremely versatile and it is perfect for keyboard players as well as DJ's.

The quick release handle mechanism means it can break down and fold flat in seconds. Simply open the handle! It can also lock at any point from flat to its tallest setting with precise adjustments thanks to the alligator teeth mechanism.

The top tier is very versatile and it can support small devices like laptops, iPads, interfaces or it can go wide to support keyboards, mixers, DJ interfaces, etc. It also has an adjustable angle with precise adjustments since we also use alligator teeth mechanisms on the 2nd tier. There is an included crossbar on the 2nd tier which adds support in case you want to put heavier keyboards on the second tier (For smaller items just remove the crossbar).

The rubber bumpers on both tiers can slide forward and backward to match any keyboard. The rubber feet rotate and have ridges to support uneven floor surfaces.


  • Rockville RKS42X X-Stand 2-Tier Keyboard Stand w/Quick Release Fits Casio LK-190
  • Quick release mechanism is quick to break down and set up
  • Alligator teeth allows exact height and width adjustments
  • 2nd tier with extra crossbar support
  • 2nd tier has adjustable able with alligator teeth for precise adjustments
  • 2nd tier can rotate 360 degrees allowing you to use it for small or larger items
  • Folds flat for easy transport
  • Can be used with or without the included crossbar
  • Rubber Bumpers can slide forward and backward
  • Rubber Feet With Ridges Accommodates Unleveled Floors
  • Thumbs for securing your gear in place on the second tier
  • Perfect for keyboards, interfaces, laptops, ipads, DJ controllers, mixers, drum pads, etc
  • Thick metal construction
  • Weight capacity: 110 lbs
  • Leg tubes length: 19.1" inches
  • 1st tier arm length: 15.5" inches
  • 2nd tier arm length: 13.8" inches
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