Rockville RLS6 10 Ft Lighting Tree Stand w/Flat-Base Legs+Air Cushion Lowering

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Product Description

What's in the Box:

  • (2) Stands
  • (2) T-bars
  • (2) 5 Foot Truss Bars That Connect Together
  • (2) Travel Bags 
  • How-to video showing you how to properly use the product

Unmatched Stability
Say goodbye to wobbly tripod legs. The RLST8 features flat-base legs that provide exceptional stability, ensuring your lighting setup stays rock-solid throughout your performance. These legs are not only sturdier but also make full contact with the floor, making this stand the epitome of reliability.

Portability Redefined
Experience true convenience with our unique folding mechanisms. The 2 stands have a unique fold-up leg mechanism. The T-bars fold in half. The truss breaks down to 2 pieces that are each 5 feet long. Best of all we include 2 high quality travel bags for everything! One bag holds the (2) stands and the other bag holds the truss and the T bars.

Effortless Operation
With a push-button mechanism and pneumatic air assist lowering mechanism, the RLT8 takes the hassle out of breaking down your truss after your event. The detachable T-bar provides versatility in setting up your gear. You can use the truss with or without the T-bars. There are also anchor points on the legs of each stand for fixed installations.

Safety First
We understand the importance of safety in your DJ setup. That's why the RLT8 comes equipped with an air cushion system that allows you to lower your truss gently and with precision. An automatic locking safety pin ensures secure height adjustments, and a tightening knob adds an extra layer of stability to your setup.

Built to Last
Crafted entirely from metal, including the collar, joints, and mechanism, the RLT8 is built to withstand the rigors of the DJ world. Its legs, constructed from double steel tubes, are designed for long-lasting durability.

Floor Protection
We've thought of everything. Non-slip feet on the legs not only enhance stability but also protect delicate floors from potential damage.

Impressive Specifications
The RLST8 boasts a maximum height of 10 feet for the truss and 11.5 feet for the T-bars. This offers a generous load capacity of 300 lbs. evenly distributed. You also get an additional 8 feet of space on the 2 T-Bars that are 4 feet each.

Multiple Applications
This system can be used for so many different applications because many of the components work on their own. The main application is to use this as a 10 foot wide truss stand but below are other applications.
-You can just use a single T-bar stand for smaller events.
-For medium size shows you can bring (2) T-bar stands 
-You can bring just the stand without the T-bar and just mount a moving head or gobo projector or other light using the M10 threading
-You can use just the stand without the T-bar and mount a speaker onto the 35MM pole.


  • Rockville RLT8 10 Ft tall and 10 foot wide Truss Lighting Stand with (2) Detachable T-bars
  • Flat-Base legs are way sturdier and stronger then typical tripod legs
  • Foldable stands (Unique mechanism - Legs fold up for portability)
  • (2) Detachable T bars that fold in half for portability
  • Truss is detachable and made of 2 sections, which can be installed with just fix 4 hand-tightening bolts (no tools ever needed)
  • Air cushion system allows speakers to be lowered down slowly with ease by just pressing a button
  • Automatic locking safety pin makes it easy and safe to raise or lower the stand 
  • Tightening knob for extra security and stability          
  • Air cushion lowering mechanism
  • Push-button mechanism with pneumatic air assist 
  • All metal including the collar and joints and the mechanism!
  • Triangle steel truss system is light weight and extremely strong and durable
  • 35MM pole with M10 threading can be used for a speaker, gobo projector, or moving head light
  • Legs are made of double steel tubes
  • Legs with anchor points for fixed installations
  • Leg with non-slip feet for stability and to protect delicate floors
  • Legs make full contact with the floor making this stand extremely stable
  • Max truss height: 10 Feet
  • Max T-bar height 11.5 feet
  • Truss length: 10 feet
  • Load capacity: 300 lbs evenly distributed
  • T-bar length: 4 Feet
  • Includes 2 carry bags (one bag holds (2) stands and the other bag holds the 2 truss pieces and the 2 T-bars
  • Product weight: Truss is 9.6Lbs each, Stands weight 22Lbs each, T-bar weighs 3.7Lbs each
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