(2) Rockville TITAN ARRAY SYSTEM Wireless Linking Column Array Speakers + Subs

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Product Description
Package Includes:
  • (2) Rockville TITAN ARRAY SYSTEM Pro Powered Column Array Speaker Dual 10" Subwoofer



Assembling and Packing Up Your TITAN ARRAY SYSTEM:

How To Set Up An Instrument to Your TITAN ARRAY SYSTEM & Create a Performance Set Up:

How To Set Up Karaoke On Your TITAN ARRAY SYSTEM:


The TITAN ARRAY SYSTEM by Rockville is a game changer for the entire pro audio industry. This system is more powerful than systems that sell for twice the price! Our system utilizes (2) 10” subwoofers in a wood enclosure to deliver chest thumping bass that will destroy other systems in its class.

The highs and mids are tuned to perfection. You will love the sound of this! This system is extremely loud. You can use this for venues with 300 people and up easily. You can pair 2 of them together wirelessly in stereo or using a cable and fill a huge hall with incredible sound.

When we developed this array system we had a few requirements and goals. We needed it to go way louder then the other ones on the market because we wanted to give you guys a solution that you can just take one speaker to your gig and have enough volume to fill up a large hall. The second requirement was that we wanted it to sound like you had a real sub with extremely deep bass. The third requirement was that we have enough inputs and playback options where you can do most gigs without the need to bring a separate mixer.

The value you get out of this system is incredible because it will replace a high powered PA speaker and a high powered subwoofer.


  • Dual 10” Powered subwoofer with built in mixer and DSP
  • (3) Column speakers – One has no drivers in it and the other 2 each have (5) drivers in them
  • Travel bag for the column speakers
  • Protective cover for subwoofer
  • Bag for (3) column speakers with carry handles
  • 8 Foot Power cable
  • Owners manual
  • warranty card

System Features:

  • Rockville TITAN ARRAY SYSTEM PRO Powered Column Speaker with Dual 10" Subwoofer
  • 3200W Peak power / 1600W Program power / 800W Continuous RMS
  • One system is loud enough for 300 people in a 10K square foot space
  • Wireless stereo linking of 2 systems
  • Bluetooth 5.0 chip allows crystal clear music streaming with 65 foot max range
  • LOWS: Dual 10” Subwoofers deliver extremely loud and deep bass (500w RMS to the lows)
  • Each sub has a large 80 Oz magnet and 2” Voice coils wound with OFC wire
  • Highs/Mids: (10) 3.5" drivers with neodymium magnets deliver crystal clean highs and mids (2 x 150w RMS to the highs)
  • All components are in wooden enclosures delivering crystal clear sound quality even at max volume levels
  • DSP tuned by Rockville musicians for extremely balanced sound with clear vocals, deep heart thumping bass, and crystal clear instruments and highs
  • 0.6” Thick MDF sub enclosure with sandblasted paint (sandblasted paint is very scratch resistant)
  • Each column speaker can rotate 360 degrees allowing you to disperse the sound efficiently in any room
  • Build in user adjustable DSP modes (Normal, DJ, Voice, Live, Flat)
  • Wide angle sound dispersion fills a room with sound
  • Maximum SPL: 127dB
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

Mixer Features:

  • Built in Bluetooth (latest 5.0 chipset) allows you to play music from any Bluetooth device (30 foot range)
  • Built in TWS allows you to link 2 systems together in stereo
  • USB playback (32gb max)
  • SD playback (32gb max)
  • Input 1: Mic / Line Level XLR / ¼” Combo jack
  • Input 2: Line level input XLR / ¼” Combo jack
  • RCA input
  • XLR Mix output allows you to connect another speaker or amplifier
  • Columns for highs can rotate 360 degrees
  • Class D amplifier is extremely efficient with a low current draw and approximately 90% of energy is turned into clean amplifier power
  • Limiter allows the speaker to play at extremely high volumes while limiting the frequencies causing clipping
  • Built in dual carry handles on the subwoofer unit


  • Weight of Sub: 61.73 lbs.
  • Dimensions of sub (Inches): 20.68” x 14.9” x 21.8”
  • Weight of each column: 5.78 lbs.
  • Dimensions of each column:  5.32” x 3.94” x 19”
  • Voltage:110/220V voltage switcher for worldwide use

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