Rockville 10" Selfie Camera Light+Powerbank+Remote+Stand For Yoga Live Stream

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Product Description

HALO 10 Product Video:
How to Set Up Your Halo 10 Desktop Bundle:

What's in the Box:

  • 10” Halo Light with swivel head ball
  • Heavy steel round base high quality desktop stand
  • Bluetooth remote to start and stop your video wirelessly
  • 20,000 mah power bank to operate the light wirelessly (you can also use this to charge your phone as well)
  • One extra phone clamp
  • Carry bag to hold everything


  • Rockville 10" Selfie Camera Light+Powerbank+Remote+Stand For Yoga Live Stream
  • 10" high quality selfie halo ring light
  • 3 selectable light colors (Warm, Cool White, Daylight from 3200K to 5500K)
  • 120 SMD LEDs with 12W real power!
  • 12 volts for long life without changing bulbs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Includes swivel ball head allowing you to get the perfect lighting angle
  • Perfect for live streaming to youtube, zoom meetings, make-up tutorials, recording videos, and more
  • Heavy duty round steel base stand
  • Adjustable height from 7.5"-11" inches
  • BUS powered allows the LED light to get power from your computer or laptop USB
  • We include a 20,000 MAH powerbank that allows you to power the light and your phone
  • You can also plug the light into a USB adapter to get it power
  • Includes a Bluetooth Remote Control that allows you to control your phone to start or stop a video or to snap a photo
  • Compatible with both android and iOS phones
  • Includes 2 phone holders
  • One phone mounts to a high quality spring-gooseneck that goes in the center of the light
  • The other phone mount is a 360 degree adjustable and it clamps to any part of the stand giving you the perfect camera angle
  • 20,000 mah power bank is included which will operate the light completely wirelessly for 5 hours. You can also use the powerbank to charge your phone as well
  • High quality carry bag included to hold everything
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