Rockville RWM-DSP-L2 Dual Lapel Lavalier UHF 200Ch Microphone System DSP Control

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Introducing the Rockville RWM-DSP-L2 Dual Lapel UHF Microphone System with DSP Control

Unleash Your Sound Control with DSP Technology:

The RWM-DSP-L2 boasts DSP (Digital Signal Processing) control that empowers you to fine-tune your audio like never before. Adjust the EQ, echo, anti-howling, and exciter settings on the fly to create the perfect sound for any performance.

Connect the mic receiver to your PC or Mac and take full control over your audio. Customize three EQ presets, three echo presets, three exciter presets, and harness the power of anti-howling feedback suppression. Here is how it works. The mic receiver comes pre-booted with 3 built in echo effects, 3 EQ settings, 3 exciter settings, and an anti-howling setting. You can connect the mic receiver to your computer and change the parameters. For example if you want to add a little more bass to one of the EQ settings you can do that and save that setting to EQ3.

Total Control and Versatility:

Lock your microphone settings in place, adjust RF intensity (high, low, medium) for extended range or longer battery life, and fine-tune sensitivity directly from the microphone. The OLED display on the bodypack transmitter keeps you informed about battery levels, ensuring you're always prepared.

Unparalleled Microphone Quality:

The two lapel microphones offer the perfect combination of sensitivity with filtering out unwanted sounds. We put extra effort and investment into the quality of the lavalier mics. We are musicians and we know the frustrations of not having lapel mics that are the right sensitivity. With the combination of high quality mics, and DSP controls you will fall in love with the RWM-DSP-L2!
We also paid attention to every little detail on the lapel such as the metal clip. For some reason most other brands use plastic clips that break easily. We upgraded ours to metal. We also have a metal locking cable that ensures a secure connection from the lapel mic to the bodypack transmitter.

Crystal Clear and Reliable:

Featuring dual filters to combat feedback and interference, individual microphone volume control, and ultra signal stability to minimize audio artifacts, this system guarantees pristine sound quality in any environment.

Built to Last, Ready to Perform:

Crafted with a full metal rack mount receiver featuring removable rack ears, the RWM-DSP-L2 ensures durability and reliability. The digital display on the receiver keeps you informed with mic volume and frequency on each channel, and with 200 switchable channels and one-key pairing, changing frequencies on the fly is a breeze.

Technical Excellence:

The RWM-DSP-L2 offers a wide frequency response range of 30Hz-18KHz(±3 dB) with minimal distortion (T.H.D < 0.5%). The receiver sensitivity of -98dBm ensures clear and noise-free audio.

Versatile Connectivity:

Choose between individual XLR outputs for each microphone to send them to separate mixer channels, or use the ¼” TS mix output to combine both mic signals into one channel.

Also a wireless guitar system!

We also include (2) guitar cables so you can interchangeably use this system as a lav system or as a wireless guitar system. It performs great for both applications, and having the customized EQ presents will give you extra control over your guitar tone.

What's in the Box:

  • (2) Lavalier Microphones
  • (2) Bodypack Transmitters
  • (2) 3.5MM locking cables to connect the lapel mic to the bodypack transmitter
  • (2) Guitar Cables
  • Full metal rack mount receiver with rack ears
  • 5 ft. ¼” to ¼” cable (connects mic receiver to mixer or speaker)
  • AC Power Adapter (5 ft.)
  • (4) AA batteries
  • (2) Antennas
  • How-to training videos for beginners or experts on how to use this item
  • Manual
  • Warranty card


  • Rockville RWM-DSP-L2 Dual Lavalier/Lapel UHF Microphone System with DSP Control 
  • DSP allows you to adjust EQ, echo, anti-howling, exciter
  • You can connect the mic receiver to a PC or Mac and change the presets for your 3 EQ presets, 3 echo presets, 3 exciter presets, and the anti-howling preset (feedback suppression)
  • Full metal Mic receiver with removable rack ears
  • Mic receiver with digital display shows mic volume and mic frequency on each channel 
  • 200 Switchable UHF Channels 
  • Switchable frequency uses one-key paring making it easy to change the channel on the fly
  • The 2 Lavalier mics are extremely high-end mics and are more sensitive then most others on the market
  • The mics have great noise filtration that can filter out most unwanted sounds
  • We really put investment into the performance of these mics because we know the frustration of having mediocre quality lavalier mics
  • Mic receiver shows signal strength of the mic so if you go too far away it will show a lower signal strength
  • The bodypack transmitters have a digital display on them, that shows battery life, output level, frequency channel, RF power
  • Bodypack transmitter has adjustable sensitivity
  • User adjustable RF intensity (high, low, medium) (on high the range is longer but battery life will be shorter)
  • The bodypack transmitter has buttons allowing you to change the frequency 
  • Mics are unidirectional cardioid pattern with condenser capsules
  • Buttons on bodypack transmitter are hidden under the battery compartment to ensure no accidents happen during performances
  • Bodypack transmitter has an OLED display which is clear and easy to read
  • 2 Antenna inputs (includes antennas)
  • Individual XLR output for each mic allows you to send each mic to a separate mixer channel or ¼” TS mix output will send both mic signals to 1 mixer channel
  • Low power consumption for longer battery life
  • Featuring a dual filter design to limit feedback and interference
  • Individual microphone volume control
  • Ultra signal stability minimizes audio artifacts
  • Operating Range: 400´ – 600´ feet (indoor) and 350´ – 450´(outdoor)
  • Frequency Stability: ±0.005%
  • Modulation Mode: UHF
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz-18KHz(±3 dB)
  • T.H.D: < 0.5%(1KHz A-weighted)
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -98dBm
  • Sample rate: 48Khz
  • Power Voltage: AC110V-240V 50/60Hz (auto switching)
  • Mic Battery Operating Time: 6-10 hours on 2 AA batteries
  • Oscillation mode: VCO internal
  • Digital modulation method: pi/4 DQPSK
  • Receiver dimensions: 7.1” (D) x 8.25” (W) x 1.8” (H)
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