2 Memphis Audio SRX1244 12" 500w SRX DVC Car Subwoofers+Sealed Sub Box Enclosure

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Product Description
Package Includes:
  • (2) Memphis Audio SRX1244 12" SRX Car Subwoofer Sub 500w Peak/ 250w RMS / Dual 4 Ohm
  • (1) Rockville RD12 Dual 12” 1.25 cu.ft. 3/4” MDF Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure Sub Box
  • (1) Kicker 15" Subwoofer
  • (1) Rockville Single 15" Vented/Ported Sub Enclosure
  • 10 Drywall Wood Screws (Wood screws are the type of screws; the screws are actually made of metal)
  • 12 Feet of 14 AWG Blue Speaker Wire
  • 2 Spade Terminals

Description of SRX1244:

Whether it’s your first system or you just need a little more bass in your trunk, the Street Reference line is the ultimate value subwoofer on the market. Redesigned from the ground up, SR subs are indistinguishable from their predecessors with improved performance, durability and cosmetics.


  • Memphis Audio SRX1244 12" SRX Car Subwoofer Sub 500w Peak/ 250w RMS / Dual 4 Ohm
  • 12 AWG compression terminals
  • Anodized aluminum voice coil former
  • Optimized for both sealed and vented enclosures
  • Lightweight but rigid cone design for improved efficiency
  • Polypropylene cone for improved durability
  • Progressive poly cotton spider for controlled motion resulting in lower distortion
  • Rubber surround for improved durability


  • Size: 12"
  • RMS Power: 250w
  • Peak Power: 500w
  • Voice Coil: Dual
  • Impedance: 4-Ohm
  • Sensitivity (dB): 85
  • Magnet Size (Oz): 39
  • Mounting Depth (in): 4.92
  • Cut Out Diameter (in): 11.10
  • Voice Coil Diameter (in): 2
  • Warranty: 1

TS Parameters:

Resonant Frequency  (fs) 30 Hz
Mechanical Q 3.54 Qms
Electrical Q 1.21 Qes
Total Q 0.902 Qts
Sensitivity  84.4 dB
Xmax Linear 0.24 in.
Xmax Mechanical 0.8 in.
Displacement 0.09 cf.
Air volume of suspension (Vas) 2.406 cf.
Moving Mass (Mms) 155.8 g
Suspension Compliance (Cms) 0.186 mmN
Effective piston area (Sd) 510.71 SqCm
Motor Strength (Bl) 6.23 TM
Impedance Series 8 ohms
Impedance parallel 2 ohms
Voice coil diameter 2 in.
RMS Power 250 Watts
Peak Power 500 Watts
Magnet weight 40 oz
Magnet diameter 4.73 in.
Mounting depth 4.96 in.
Cutout Diameter 11.1 in.
Frame Outside Diameter 12.6 in.
Single sub sealed 1.25 cf.
Dual subs Sealed 2.5 cf.
Single sub vented 2 GROSS cf.
Port dimensions 12.5" x 1.5" x 21"L 
Tuning frequency 37 Hz
Dual sub vented 4 GROSS  cf.
Port dimensions 12.5" x 3" x 16"L 
Tuning frequency 37 Hz

Description of RD12:

The RD12 dual sealed speaker box is made in the USA with Grade “A” ¾” MDF wood. This enclosure is made with precision cutting machinery by industry experts that have been making these enclosures in the USA for over 20 years. All Rockville enclosures come with a customized enhanced glue that is unmatched by any other manufacturer. That means that the carpet will stay in place and not rip or tear. The ¾” USA MDF is much stronger then any type of import wood.  This will keep your box performing at an optimal level by not flexing and distorting your woofers. Your woofers will thank you!  EVERY Rockville enclosure is not only glued at all joints but stapled as well. If that wasn’t enough we add a layer of silicon to every

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