(2) Rockville TITAN 15 15" 2000w DJ PA Speakers/Bluetooth+Mackie Mixer+Stands

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Product Description
Package Includes:
  • (2) Rockville TITAN 15 15" 2000w Powered DJ PA Speaker/Bluetooth/DSP/Wireless Link
  • (1) Pair of Rockville Adjustable Tripod Speaker/Light Stands+(2) 20 Foot XLR Cables
  • (1) Mackie ProFX6v3 6-Channel Professional Effects Mixer w/USB ProFX6 v3

How to setup your TITAN 15:

Video of TITAN 15:
  • Speaker
  • Brackets for stage monitoring
  • 6.5 ft. power cable
  • Owners manual
  • Warranty card?
Description of TITAN 15:

Double the power!
The TITAN 15 by Rockville is the step up model to our famous RPG15 PA speaker. It has twice the amount of power! This speaker will compete with speakers from the most famous brands on the market that typically cost over $700 guaranteed or we will take it back and cover the return shipping! This model has 2,000 watts peak, 1,000 watts program, and 500 watts RMS!

Custom cabinet engineered to perfection!
Our engineers created an exquisite cabinet design! It is all about the sound! Every measurement, from calculating the cabinet size, port size, acoustic loading, and cabinet geometry, has purpose. We use a high grade polypropylene molded enclosure that is thick and sturdy, eliminating unwanted shaking noises. The inside of the cabinet is ribbed which reduces resonance. Our enclosure cost a lot more to build than the typical ones on the market. We had to make a custom mold to match the engineer's specifications. This cabinet design is exclusive to Rockville. With the TITAN 15, the bass and mids are more clear and more dynamic than anything in its class! That’s why we have a 90 day money back guarantee including return shipping.

We also included handles and wheels which make transporting and picking up the speaker easier than ever.

You can have the speaker standing on the floor or on a speaker stand for use as a main speaker. The speaker can also go on its side for use as a monitor. We also included fly points for hanging the speaker.

The full grill design looks professional and protects the speaker better than a half grill. There is also a foam pad between the grill and the speaker that protects it from dust and eliminates any chance of the grill making even the slightest rattle.

Perfectly matched components
The woofer is equipped with high temperature-resistant voice coils. This means they can handle a lot of heat without getting damaged. Our 3" voice coils are made out of 100% OFC copper and an 80 Oz large magnet,

Our 1.34" composite compression driver is accurately tuned with phase correction to give you perfect sounding highs. The crossover is tuned according to the parameters of the components. You should note that composite cost more and sounds much better than titanium and other tweeter materials. The clear highs really make this the best value on the market.

Advanced amplifier technology
We use a Class D amp with over 500 watts RMS! We tuned the woofer to get 400W RMS while giving 100W for the high frequency driver. We also get more than 90% efficient transfer from electricity to sound energy from our amplifier. We call this our green amplifier technology.

Bluetooth you can trust!
There are 3 things you need to know about our Bluetooth module:
1. It has a 100 foot range which is one of the longest on the market.
2. There are no unwanted Bluetooth noises like white noise or humming noises. You just get clean and reliable performance out of it.
3. We have a wireless stereo linking option which is reliable.

Built-in limiter
The built in limiter fully protects the speaker from distortion at any volume level. This means you can play the speaker at full volume without worrying about the amp or speaker getting damaged. The limiter detects distortion frequencies allowing you to pound the speaker for as long as you wish without having to worry about damage or distortion sounds.

Sound dispersion
Some speakers sound great when you are standing in front of them. Our speaker sounds great no matter where you are standing in the room! This speaker delivers a 100° x 60° coverage pattern. This is due to our specially designed wave guide technology, which helps sound transmit at a wide angle while lowering attenuation.

Inputs / Outputs
Our mixer section has 2 channels each with combo jacks that have selectable Mic/Line level inputs. Our pre-amps are top quality with ultra-low noise.

There is also an XLR line output for linking additional speakers, subwoofers or amps. The rear of the speaker also has power, signal, and limit LED indicators

90-day money back guarantee!
This speaker is the best in its class guaranteed! If you are not 100% satisfied with the speaker, we will take it back and cover the return shipping!


  • Rockville TITAN 15 15" Active/Powered 2,000 Watts DJ/PA Speaker System
  • 500-Watt True RMS / 1,000 Watts Program Power / 2000 Watts Peak
  • High power long-throw 15'' woofer with 3" OFC copper voice coil and 80 Oz magnet
  • State-of-the-art 1.34'' composite-diaphragm compression driver for crystal clear high-frequency reproduction
  • Green amplifier technology turns over 90 % of electricity into usable sound
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz-20KHz
  • Maximum SPL @1w/1m: 130dB peak / 124dB continuous
  • Compact and light weight system delivers distortion free sound even at max volume
  • Class D amplifier technology: high power, transparent sonic performance and light weight
  • Built-in limiter fully protects the speaker from distortion at any volume level and also protects the amplifier from ever getting damaged
  • Custom engineered limiter allows the speaker to play at extremely high volumes while limiting the undesirable frequencies
  • Built-in bass and treble adjustments
  • 4 DSP sound modes (normal, indoor, outdoor, speech)
  • Built-in reliable Pro Bluetooth with 100 foot range and no distortion
  • TWS technology allows you to link 2 speakers wirelessly in stereo
  • Includes brackets so you can also mount it on its side as a floor monitor
  • Custom tooled aluminum amplifier heatsink stays cool and looks nice
  • A/C power output allows you to power an additional speaker or amplifier, etc
  • 2 Channel mixer built in with ultra-low noise Mic / Line inputs via XLR & 1/4-inch combo jacks with volume control
  • Balanced line output via XLR for linking additional speaker systems or for adding a subwoofer
  • Clip/limit LED indicator makes it easy to set your levels
  • Power and signal LED indicators
  • Stand mounting with 35-mm pole socket
  • Ergonomically shaped handle for easy carrying and setup
  • A full grilled front cabinet perfectly protects speaker against road damage
  • Enclosure is made of rugged drop tested high grade polypropylene construction
  • The cabinet has built in handle and wheels for easy transporting
  • Sound dispersion at 10dB: H100° x V60°
  • Sensitivity: 98dB
  • Crossover: 1800Hz
  • 110 / 220 volt switchable power supply with external user serviceable fusing
  • Dimensions of speaker: 17.7" x 14.1" x 28.3" (Inches; L x W x H)
  • Weight of speaker: 48.5 LBS
  • Shipping dimensions of speaker: 20” x 17.3” x 31.3” (Inches; L x W x H)
  • Shipping weight of speaker: 57.3 Lbs.

How to Set Up Your PA Speaker Stands:

Video of RVSS2-XLR:


This heavy-duty universal stand can be used as a Speaker Stand or a Lighting Stand! It's sturdy steel construction and custom carrying case add to the quality and support this stand gives. The sturdy and expandable long tripod legs ensure that your speakers will be stable in any environment. This package also comes with two 20 foot XLR cables


  • Adjustable Height
  • Steel Construction
  • Black Color
  • Weight capacity: 132 LBS
  • Adjustable Height Range: 47.25-78.75 inches
  • Base spread: 15-40 inches
  • Tube Diameter: 1.5 - 1.37 inch
  • Leg Diameter: 1.37 inch
  • Includes (2) 20 Foot XLR Female to XLR Male Cables
  • Includes (1) Travel Bag

The Rockville Difference:

Whenever you see the Rockville shield on a product you know that it has the stamp of approval. While other companies simply import products from China, Rockville manufactures the products in China to lower your cost but do so under American style supervision and quality standards to get you that USA quality that you want!

About Rockville Quality Control Procedures:

The Rockville brand stands for Quality, Innovation and Value. All Rockville products go through the most rigorous quality control standards in the industry. Products go through months of extensive testing before they reach your hands. All user functions are tested and all internal components are tested for quality.Rockville makes products that are virtually un-breakable! Rockville is one of the only brands in its class to test every concept model for weeks or months before starting production. Once production begins, Rockville sends product engineers to their factory to quality control every line of production. During production every product is tested and on top of that Rockville goes the extra mile and has their high level product engineers do an additional quality control. They test a certain percentage of all products from the production line a second time to ensure that the quality meets their vigorous standards, and to make sure that there is never a batch of products with even a slight problem. All Rockville products are backed with a full 1 year warranty, though it is unlikely that you will need to use the warranty.

Great features and great quality make Rockville a great choice.

Description of ProFX6v3:

Mackie ProFXv3 Series mixers are the ultimate compact and affordable solution for live audio, home recording, and modern content creation needs.


  • Mackie ProFX6v3 6-Channel Professional Effects Mixer w/USB ProFX6 v3
  • 6 Channel Professional Effects Mixer with USB
  • Better Preamps
  • New and Improved Digital FX
  • Higher Resolution Recording w/ 2x4 USB I/O
  • Single Knob Compressors on most mixers
  • Waveform
  • OEM™ DAW and DAW Essentials Collection™ of 16 FX plugins for use with any DAW
  • Onyx mic preamps offer 60db of gain
  • Single-knob compression per channel
  • 24 built-in FX (including 8 new ones)
  • 24-Bit/192kHz recording with 2x4 USB I/O
  • Zero-latency hardware monitoring
23 Included Plugins:
  • Avid 304E EQ – Add musical warmth with a legendary treble and bass equalizer with sweepable mid control
  • Avid 304C Compressor – Tweak the clarity, balance, and rhythmic feel of music with this photo optical compressor
  • BBD Delay — Create delay, chorus, and vibrato effects based on the Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man*
  • Black Op Distortion — Add rich distortion based on the Pro Co Rat* pedal
  • Black Shiny Wah — Achieve the famous classic tones of the VOX V846* pedal
  • Black Spring Reverb — Get the twang and space of the blackface-era Fender Spring Reverb units*
  • C1 Chorus — Get the unmistakable sounds of the Boss CE-1 Chorus* with this emulator
  • DC Distortion — Dial up a range of overdriven tones with this Avid custom distortion effect
  • Eleven Lite — Get the sound of popular guitar amps and speaker cabinets
  • Flanger — Create unique sounds with this homage to vintage and modern flangers
  • Graphic EQ — Sculpt frequencies with ease
  • Gray Compressor — Add warmth to tracks based on the gray-colored Ross* compressor
  • Green JRC Overdrive — Get the coveted sounds of the Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer*
  • In-Tune — Keep your instruments in tune with this digital tuner
  • Orange Phaser — Create interesting effects with this phase shifter based on the MXR Phase 90*
  • Roto Speaker — Re-create the sounds of a Leslie* rotary speaker cabinet
  • Sci-Fi — Add analog synth-type ring and frequency modulation
  • Studio Reverb — Create natural-sounding reverb and ambient effects
  • Tape Echo — Add vintage analog delay and chorus effects
  • Tri Knob Fuzz — Get the Hendrix tone with this fuzz box based on the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi*
  • Vari-Fi — Create the effect of audio changing tape speed
  • Vibe Phaser — Add phase-shift and rotary speaker effects based on the Univox Uni-Vibe*
  • White Boost — Boost gain without coloring tone with this homage to the Xotic RC Booster*


  • Mic Pres: 2
  • Single Knob Compressors: 0
  • User Controls: Analog input/USB return blend knob
  • FX Section: 24 brand new, easy-to-use effects
  • USB Recording: 2 x 4 24-bit / 192kHz high-resolution recording via USB
  • Software: Waveform OEM™ DAW and DAW Essentials Collection™ of 16 FX plug-ins for use with any DAW
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