(4) Rockville RV68.3A 6x8" 3-Way Car Speakers 1800 Watts/340 Watts RMS CEA Rated

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Price is for (2) Pair Rockville RV68.3A 6x8" 3-Way Car Speakers Totaling 1800 Watts/340 Watts RMS CEA Rated

Video of RV68.3A:

Rockville car audio speakers utilize the latest in speaker technology for superior sound quality. We use top quality polypropylene cones which are known for their high damping qualities. This means they can have a controlled break-up, which results in a smoother high frequency roll-off. Our Flexmotion Butyl Rubber Surrounds give the speakers a smooth response with minimal distortion. For smooth and extended high frequency sounds we used high temperature PEI dome tweeters with ferrite magnets. The RV-A series speakers are designed with superior SPL response and extremely high power handling making these perfect for use with the amp built into your receiver or with a high powered external amplifier. Due to their shallow mount design, these speakers fit in 97% of all vehicles.

CEA Rated.
Rockville car audio speakers are CEA rated, what that means is that the Consumer Electronics Association recognizes these speakers to be accurately rated and meet their rigorous standards for wattage, SPL and frequency response. So while other manufacturers state “out-of-this-world” wattages on their products, you can rest assured that your Rockville speaker will work up to spec. and exceed your expectations.

What’ so special about Rockville Speakers “in engineering terms”.
The acoustic center of a driver is the point in the driver from which the sound appears to originate. What is crucial in a good multi-element design is the difference between the centers of the drivers. This is called relative acoustic offset. A good speaker design features phase accuracy in and around the crossover point, because the interaction of the drivers is most affected by the SPL magnitude and phase in this area. The Rockville designs allow for wide dispersion of the sound for complete musical immersion.

Audio power is the electrical power transferred from an audio amplifier to a loudspeaker, measured in watts. The electrical power delivered to the loudspeaker and its sensitivity determines the sound power level generated with the balance being converted to heat. Amplifiers are limited in the electrical energy they can amplify; loudspeakers are limited in the electrical energy they can convert to sound energy without distorting the audio signal or destroying them selves. These power ratings are important to consumers finding compatible products and comparing competitors. Because Rockville products are CEA rated, you can easily and accurately match any Rockville speaker to a CEA rated amplifier and be guaranteed of their performance match.


  • Rockville RV68.3A 6" x 8" 3-way car speakers (pair)
  • Peak Power Rating: 900 Watts per Pair / 450 Watts Each
  • CEA Compliant RMS Rating: 170 Watts per Pair / 85 Watts Each
  • Polypropylene woofer gives amazing bass and mids
  • Flex Motion Butyl Rubber Surround
  • 1.5” PEI dome tweeter with ferrite magnet give amazing highs
  • 0.6” super tweeter
  • Steel high quality basket
  • Rubber magnet boot cover
  • Frequency response: 35-20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 91 dB @ 1w/1m
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Grilles included
  • Aluminum voice coils
  • 100% oxygen free copper voice coil windings
  • Cotton spider material
  • Copper terminals
  • Cutout diameter: 7.36” x 5.12”
  • Magnet: 13.5 Oz Y25 magnet
  • Magnet dimensions: 90mm x 15mm
  • Fs: 80.55 hz
  • Re: 3.6 OHM
  • Qes: 1.831
  • Qts: 1.293
  • Qms: 4.395
  • Fits 6” x 8” openings
  • Cutout diameter: 7.36” x 5.12”
  • Top mounting depth: 2.52” 95% of installs use the top mounting depth)
  • Bottom mounting depth: 2.87” (This measures the speaker from top to bottom)


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