(4) Rockville RXM84 8" 1000w 4 Ohm Mid-Range Drivers Car Speakers, Mid-Bass

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  • (4) Rockville RXM84 8" 4-Ohm Car Speakers Totaling 1000 Watts

Video of RXM84:

You are looking at the best value on the market today for high quality mid style speakers. The Rockville RXM84 is an 8" midrange/midbass driver that features 250 watts peak power handling and 125 watts RMS per speaker. These speakers are CEA compliant which means they are tested and rated by the industry standard. They are rated the same way that other premium brands such as Kicker, Rockford, and JBL rate their speakers. So you can feel confident when comparing these with other mids on the market or when matching these up with a high quality amplifier. This is very important because some of the cheaper brands on the market (I won't mention names) write bogus ratings like 2,000 watts on their mids, but they aren't CEA compliant and they won't even handle 5 % of the power they are rated at.

Power these with an external amp for mind blowing presence. You will be amazed at the clarity, definition, frequency response, and super high SPL that these speakers produce. Rockville engineers utilized the latest in Pro Audio technology and transferred it to these car audio mids so that you will achieve stadium pounding concert sound in your vehicle.

Extra care in the design and manufacturing are seen throughout with thoughtful touches such as prewired capacitor crossovers which prevent the speakers from blowing easily while smoothing out the frequency response; increasing the sound quality at higher volume levels. The speakers have large 90 oz. magnet motor structures with oversized 1.5" high temperature CCAR voice coils. The expanded high tinsel steel basket dampen vibration so that all you hear is crystal clear musical response without any external motor or vibration noises. 

Unlike other brands which produce their speakers by machine, the RXM84 speakers are hand made individually by technical teams dedicated to perfection and are subject to rigorous quality control standards.

The super shallow mounting depth facilitates easy fit in to door installations or in other tight locations. We're proud to say that RXM84 midrange speakers are featured in our famous show stopping Audiosavings demo vehicles. After auditioning many different brands of speakers our technical staff chose Rockville because they required the highest quality midrange/midbass drivers available which Rockville was capable of supplying. Our custom installation required a very shallow mounting depth but we weren't ready to compromise on sound quality. With the Rockville RXM84 midranges we didn't need to sacrifice quality and neither will you!

We are so convinced that these are the best midranges on the market we guarantee that you wont be let down! Our vast experience has proven that typical competition vehicles are missing loud, clear midrange/mid bass response, but now with the Rockville RXM84 mids you can experience music the way it was meant to be listened to...loud and clear, with a full range of frequencies!


  • Rockville RXM84  8 Inch 250 Watts / 125 Watts RMS 4-Ohms Mid-Bass Car Audio Speaker
  • Power Handling 250 watts Peak / 125 Watts RMS
  • CEA Compliant Power Ratings
  • Speaker Size: 8"
  • Design: Mid-Bass/Mid-Range
  • Sensitivity 102dB
  • Frequency Response 100Hz-11KHz
  • Impedance:4 ohms
  • 8 Open Basket Midrange Speaker
  • Cone is made with Kevlar
  • Reinforced Black Pulp Cone
  • Treated Cloth Accordion Suspension
  • Linear Progressive Conex Spider
  • Acrylic Bullet Phase Plug High SPL Design
  • High Tinsel Expanded Steel Basket
  • Super Slim Design facilitates Door Installations
  • Oversize 1.5 High Temperature CCAR Voice Coil
  • 90 oz Magnet Structure Weight
  • Includes Wire Mesh Grill
  • Prewired with Bass Blocking Capacitor
  • Shallow Mounting Depth
  • Top-Mount Depth 2.5"
  • Cutout diameter: 7.756"
  • Mounting hole diameter: 8 holes- 0.217" x 0.315"
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