Alpine PXE-X09 Digital Signal Sound Processor w/Bluetooth+Wireless Tuning+Remote

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Product Description

Alpine PXE-0850X vs. PXE-X09 DSP Comparison

How to Tune your Alpine Digital Sound Processor (DSP)

Unlock your Sound Systems Full Potential with Alpine's PXE-X09

The Best Sound System Upgrade you can make


  • High-resolotion wireless digital sound processor
  • Wireless sound tuning via smartphone.
  • PC tuning also available
  • 16-channel High/Low voltage inputs for both OEM and aftermarket installations
  • Quick Setup Wizard
  • Matrix Mixing
  • 294.9MHz Processor
  • 216kHZ/24bit ADC/DAC
  • 10 Band Parametric Or Graphic Input EQ
  • 31 Band Parametric Or Graphic Input EQ
  • 6 EQ Presets
  • 100db Signal to Noise Ratio
  • 110dB Channel Sepration
  • High-pass crossovers per channel
  • Time -Correction
  • Up to 20ms delay per Channel
  • Input Real -Time Analyzer
  • Signal Generator ( Pink Noise, White Noise, SinuSoid )
  • 16-channel RCA/High Level Input
  • 1 Coaxial Input
  • 1 Optical Input
  • Bluetooth® audio streaming with included external module
  • Dash-mounted remote controller
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