Chauvet DJ DMX3P25FT 25 Foot Male 2 Female 3 Pin DMX Cable DMX3P25FT

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Don't be fooled by the cheaper brands who try to sell regular cheap XLR mic cables and call them DMX cables. They are not the same.  DMX cables by Chauvet are manufacturered specifically for lighting products. The other regular XLR cables by other brands will cause interference because they are meant for audio not for lights. Use only the best DMX cables on the market by chauvet.

Why should I not use mic cables or off brand name DMX cables?
Regular XLR cables are 70 Ohm, while the real DMX cables are 120 Ohm. There is a huge difference. The number one cause of defective lighting systems is the use of bad cables. Eliminate this problem, and use Chauvet DMX cables.


  • 25ft, 3-Pin DMX Cable
  • Connector: DMX
  • Male to Female
  • Length: 25 ft
  • Pins: 3
  • AWG: 24
  • Impedance: 117O
  • Required for any DMX system
  • Can be used together with other 3-Pin XLR cables
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