Furman RL-LED 1U Rack Moune Dual Goose Neck LED Light

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Light up Your Rack!

Whether you need illumination for the front or the rear of your rack - Furman offers a convenient solution in either incandescent or LED form.  The RL-LED Front Rack Lights is extremely sturdy and mounts conveniently into one 19” rack space providing light from two LED bulbs. A dimmer switch on the front panel allows you to easily adjust the light to exactly the amount desired.  The RL-I and RL-LED are both powered by a detachable 6’ cord with an enclosed 12 VAC power supply inside the AC plug (wall wart). This cord / supply is conveniently attached to the rear of the panel by a 2.1 mm barrel connection, allowing fast, reliable operation. The cool, energy-efficient LED’s in the RL-LED feature an extremely long life span, while both the RL-LED and the RL-I have replaceable heads / bulbs, so you can keep your rack lit indefinitely.


  • Two lights mounted on a 19” rack mountable plate
  • Cool, efficient illumination
  • Long lasting LED lights that rarely need replacing
  • Adjustable dimmer switch
  • 12 VAC, 0.5A
  • Adjustable Dimmer control
  • LED Bulbs
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