Nady Pro DKW-DUO Dual VHF Wireless Microphone System Handheld Mic Sys

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Product Description
The Nady DKW-DUO is one of the most popular wireless microphone systems ever!  This is because it is sold at very reasonable prices (especially our price!) and also because the features are way better than other mics on the market.

The DKWDUO is so easy to use!  Just plug it in instead of your wired mic, and you are ready to start!

The sound quality is amazing, and the range of up to 300 feet is more than enough for almost any application.

This comes with a dual receiver, so you can use the 2 mics at the same time or 1 at a time, and it will sound equally as good.

This runs on the VHF - Very High Frequency, so you can be sure you will get interference free sound at all times.

Advantages of the DKW-DUO:

  • Dual top of the line wireless microphone system
  • Perfect entry level system
  • All the advantages and freedom of wireless operation without cumbersome cords
  • Easy to use  simply plug in instead of your wired microphone
  • Excellent high fidelity audio
  • Perfect for all speakers, karaoke/recreational singers, DJ’s, auctioneers, aerobic instructors, and many other consumer applications
  • VHF (170-216MHz) operation for reliable, interference-free performance
  • 150+ feet typical operating range
  • up to 300+ feet line-of-sight
  • Dual receiver for versatile single or simultaneous dual transmitter operation
  • Handheld Microphone Transmitter:
  • Each transmitter operates on a separate single frequency in the VHF 170-216MHz band and can be used singly or together simultaneously with the DKW-DUO dual receiver
  • Easy, convenient operation with on/off switch and low battery LED indicator which flashes once for unit "ON", and lights steady for low battery alert
  • Unidirectional dynamic cartridge for optimum true sound, maximum feedback rejection and minimal handling noise
  • Each transmitter operates up to 15 hours on a single 9V alkaline battery
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