Odyssey LSTAND RED Red Adjustable DJ Laptop Stand +Case/Table Clamps L-Stand

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Make a statement that screams louder than COOL with our LSTAND Designer Series. We've added a sharp twist to the "original" Ever Popular adjustable DJ laptop stand design. Now you can chose from a wide spectrum of colors to fit your personality, your image, and your style. The LSTAND is the most versatile laptop stand on the market! Our unique design allows for three basic configurations: table top, clamped to the wall of a case or other sturdy vertical structure. Set it low for a minimal clearance of 6.75" or set it up to 11.5" high. The 10.75" long support arms hold gear with a width of 9" or greater.


  • Odyssey LSTANDRED Designer DJ Series Red LSTAND With Table/Case Clamps.
  • Laptop stand can be assembled in 3 different configurations:
    1. Attach to the case
    2. Attach to the table
    3. Stand alone
  • Minimum Adjustable Width: 10.5"
  • Maximum Adjustable Width: 13.5"
  • Minimum Adjustable Heights: 9.5" (back)/6.75"(front)
  • Maximum Adjustable Heights: 14.5"(back)/11.5"(front)
  • Weight: 6 lbs

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