Pair Hifonics ZS693 6x9" 800 Watt Car Audio Speakers

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Hifonics Zeus 6 x 9 inch 3 way car audio coaxial speaker system with Mylar dome tweeter and Alpha-Cellulose Poly Woofer Cones nylon surrounds (pair).


  • Pair Hifonics ZS693 6x9" 800 Watt Car Audio Speakers
  • Tweeter Dome Material: Neo-Mylar Soft Dome Tweeter - Impact Resistant Tweeter Elements
  • Surround:Rubber - Moisture Resistant Rubber Surround with high Mid-Bass Impact
  • Cone:Alpha-Cellulose Cones - Light weight for speed and very rigid for deep bass
  • Surround / Cone Coupling:High Temperature Adhesive - Special adhesive is chosen to create a permanent bond between the cone and the surround
  • Tinsel Leads:Braided - Highly conductive while remain flexible during high power applications
  • Voice Coil:Pure Copper - Creates strong magnetic field with a very thin extrusion
  • Voice Coil Former:Kapton - Lightweight and efficiently dissipates heat
  • Spider:Epoxy infused Natural Fiber - Natural fiber allows flexibility while the epoxy which gives strength during the manufacturing process.
  • Cooling System: Overcoil - Air is exchanged over the voice coil through the spider
  • Crossover Type: Passive Butterworth - Smooth transition of frequencies from midrange/midbass to the tweeter element
  • Frame Type: Anti-Resonant Stamped Steel Basket - Very strong with minimal harmonics or distortions from flex or ringing
  • Motor: Ferrite Magnet - Creates a strong magnetic field while remaining small enough to fit nearly every application
  • Connectors: Spade - Use spade connectors or solder direct for the best connection
  • Grills: Yes - Protects the speaker from accidental damage. Not used if speaker is mounted behind vehicle panel
  • Tweeter Material: Neo-Mylar Soft Dome - Great sound quality and increased reliability
  • Tweeter Size: 1 inch - Clear highs while handling plenty of power without sound harsh
  • Tweeter Surround Material: Kapton - Lightweight and efficiently dissipates heat


  • RMS Power Handling (CEA426B): 60 Watts (Per Speaker) / 120 Watts (Per Pair)
  • Maxx Power: 400 Watts (Per Speaker) / 800 Watts (Per Pair)
  • Speaker Impedance: 4 ?
  • Frequency Response +/- 3dB: 46Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity (1 watt/1 meter): 88 db
  • Crossover Point: 1K Hz + 3K
  • Crossover Slope: 12dB
  • Mounting Diameter/Cut Out: 8.64 x 5.98
  • Outside Diameter: 10.35 x 7.20
  • Mounting Depth/Chassis Depth: 3.35
  • Dimensions: 14.25 x 11.75 x 5.5 in
  • Weight: 6.15 lbs
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