Rock N Roller RSA-HBR14 Tripod/Mic/Speaker Stand Bag For R14G/R16RT/R18RT Cart

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Rock N Roller Handle Bags are the perfect solution for the long haul. Constructed from durable 600D polyester, these removable bags slide right over the Multi-Cart handles for easy installation and removal. The mounting holes on Rock N Roller Multi-Cart handles still remain accessible, allowing various other accessories to be used. A webbing strap across the top makes securing items a cinch, while a quick release buckle facilitates fast freedom.

If you're transporting anything from tripods, lighting, microphone stands, speaker stands, to photography backdrops and more, let Rock N Roller handle it!


  • Durable 600D polyester
  • For R14G/R16RT/R18RT Carts
  • Webbing cinch strap with quick release buckle
  • Hard plastic bottom
  • Slides onto Rock N Roller Multi-Cart handles
  • Ready to use, no installation required
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