Rockville Destroyer 12D1 12" Competition Car Audio Subwoofer w/USA Voice Coils!

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Product Description

Wiring Configuration 1O SINGLE:

Wiring Configuration for 2 DVC 1O:


  • Rockville DESTROYER 12D1 12" Dual 1-Ohm Car Subwoofer
  • Peak Power Handling: 8000 Watts
  • Program Power Handling: 4000 Watts
  • CEA Rated RMS Power Handling: 2000 Watts
  • Voice Coils are made in the USA! 3” 4-Layer Black Aluminum Voice Coils Wound with Aluminum Wire
  • USA Voice Coils are hands down The Best in the world
  • The voice coils are rated to withstand high temperatures of 300-350C
  • Triple-Stacked 300 Oz Y35 Magnets. (Y35 is the best grade and they will perform better than most 400 oz magnets)
  • 1-Piece Chrome T-Yoke with Stamped Logo (1 piece t-yokes magnetize better and makes excursion (xmax) better as well as increases the BL rating. BL is basically how much power you get out of the motor and is one of the most important ratings
  • We use the highest grade black glue that handles extremely high temperatures which allows our woofer to handle even more power than they are rated
  • Cast Aluminum Basket With Black Sanded Finish Makes This Sub Very Efficient And Lighter Weight
  • Large 8 Gauge Chrome-Plated Binding Post Terminals (These are the best terminals on the market and they won't oxidize)
  • Black Non-Pressed Paper Cone
  • Our cones are ultra-stiff. They are thicker and stronger than other subs on the market making our subs able to handle more power than the competition
  • Extra Thick Foam Surround Provides Incredible Sound Quality With Minimal Distortion
  • Silver Stitching Cone Reinforces the Cone and Ensures Long Life
  • Shiny Paper Dustcap (Paper is the best material and can withstand even higher temperatures than polypropylene dustcaps
  • Impedance: Dual 1-Ohm Voice Coils
  • Special Custom Rubber Boot Magnet Covers Make the Woofer Look Nice and Protects the Magnet
  • Rubber Mounting Gasket Makes it Easy To Mount the Subwoofer Air-Tight.
  • High BL Magnetic Motor Gap
  • Nomex Spider is resistant to tearing and has the best long-term reliability over regular cotton and poly cotton spiders
  • Cutout Diameter: 11.65” inches
  • Mounting Depth: 8.66” inches
  • 25mm T-Yoke + 15mm Washer
  • Recone kits available at reasonable prices
  • Sealed Enclosure Volume: 1.41-1.77 Cubic Feet
  • Vented/Ported Enclosure Volume: 2.12-2.83 Cubic Feet
  • Frequency response: 37 Hz - 1K kHz
  • Sensitivity: 85.9 dB
  • Weight: 49.61 Lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 54 Lbs.
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 15.75" x 15.75" x 14.37" Inches
  • XMAX: 30 MM

TS Parameters:??


Wired in Series

Description of Measurement

Electrical Parameters


1.7 Ohm

Electrical voice coil resistance at DC


37.649 Hz

Drive resonance frequency

Mechanical Parameters (Using Laser)


244.251 g

Mechanical mass of drive diaphragm assembly including air load and voice coil

Mmd (Sd)


Mechanical mass of voice coil and diaphragm without air load


73.163 mm/N

Mechanical compliance of drive suspension


14.252 N/A

Force factor (Bl product)

Loss Factors



Mechanical Q-factor of of drive in free air considering Rms only



Electrical Q-factor of drive in free air considering Re only



Total Q-factor considering Re and Rms only

Other Parameters



Equivalent air volume of suspension



Reference efficiency (2 pi-radiation using Re)


47.144 cm²

Diaphragm area




Detailed Info:

  • Body: Non-Pressed Paper Cone
  • Gap Plate Inside Diameter: 85.5mm (3.37 inches)
  • Gap Plate Outside Diameter: 210mm (8.27 inches)
  • Gap Plate Thickness: 15mm (0.59 inch)
  • Yoke Outside Diameter:210mm (8.27 inches)
  • Yoke Thickness: 25mm (0.98 inches)
  • Yoke Pole Diameter: 73.9mm (2.91 inches)

About Rockville Quality Control Procedures:
The Rockville brand stands for Quality, Innovation and Value. We aim to deliver products twice as good as our competitors at a fraction of the cost of famous brands. All Rockville products go through the most rigorous quality control standards in the industry. Products go through months of extensive testing before they reach your hands. All functions and components are tested for quality. Rockville makes products that are virtually un-breakable! Rockville is one of the only brands in its class to have engineers and technicians test every concept model for weeks or months before starting production. Once production begins, Rockville sends product engineers to the factory to quality control every product. After production is complete Rockville has the head of QC in our overseas office test a certain percentage of all products from the production line a second time to ensure that the quality meets our strict standards. All Rockville products are backed with a hassle free warranty.
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