Rockville PPA52 Home Audio Preamp Pre-Amplifier w/Bluetooth/Phono+USB Interface

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How to Set Up Your PPA52:



Top quality low noise preamp
The main job of a pre-amp is to control the signal going to your amp or powered speakers. They are the first part of your signal and a good pre-amp is essential to having great sound quality. Having a separate pre-amp that specializes in that one job will give you better sound quality than an all in one receiver or integrated amplifier.

Inputs and Outputs
What makes our model different from some of the standard ones on the market is that we carefully chose the inputs and outputs. We have (3) RCA aux inputs that will support any audio device. We also have a Phono RCA to support turntables. There are (2) ¼” inputs that can be run in stereo for any pro audio devices. There is also a front combo jack with selectable mic/line. The mic preamp is extremely low noise.

Recording interface
Yea, we did it. We added a USB computer interface! Yes, this will work with any of your favorite DAW’s such as pro tools or Ableton live. You can record the final mix into one stereo channel in pro tools or any other DAW. Anything being played through the pre-amp will be recorded including the microphone inputs, as well as any source you are playing. It will be summed to one stereo channel in your DAW. You can also use Ableton live or any other software to play music as an input device on the preamp. The interface is 2-way and you can use it as an input playback device or as an output recording device.

Bluetooth and USB playback
We wanted to make this product extremely versatile, so we added Bluetooth audio playback. This is perfect for home audio use as well as for some pro audio applications in between sets etc. There is also USB playback so you can play back audio saved on a thumb drive.

Amazing controls
There is a high quality 3 band EQ so you can adjust and fine tune your sound. There are bass, mid, and treble controls. Also, we added a low-cut crossover which is great if you will be using a subwoofer so that you can cut some lows out of your main speakers. The mic/line input on the front has its own volume control and can be used at the same time as any of the other sources like Bluetooth or RCA.


  • Rockville PPA52 Preamp Pro 1U Rack Pre-Amplifier w/Bluetooth/USB/PC Interface
  • Top of the line professional preamp with low noise and high sound quality
  • Built in reliable Bluetooth audio playback with long range
  • Built in USB/computer interface allows you to record the master output to your DAW or to play songs from your favorite software on your computer
  • Built in USB MP3 player
  • (3) RCA aux inputs
  • (1) RCA Phono Input
  • (1) XLR and ¼” Combo jack front mic/line input
  • (2) ¼” Inputs (mono or stereo)
  • (2) XLR outputs (stereo or mono)
  • 1U rack mount size
  • Built-in 3 band Equalizer (bass, mid, treble)
  • Left / Right balance adjustment
  • Mono/Stereo selectable
  • Mute
  • Low cut crossover filter
  • Headphone output for listening or monitoring
  • Loudness compensation circuit which at low-to-medium volume boosts the bass and treble response
  • 100-240V worldwide voltage power adaptor



  • Mic: 1mV / 3 Kohms
  • Phono: 3mV / 47 Kohms
  • Pre-Output: max. 5V / 1 Kohms

Total Harmonic Distortion

  • Mic: less than 0.02%
  • Phono: less than 0.04%
  • RCA Aux: less than 0.01%

Signal to Noise Ratio

  • Mic: more than 70 dB
  • Phono: more than 90 dB
  • RCA Aux: more than 100 dB


  • Product weight: 4.43 lbs
  • Product dimensions: 18.89" x 6.49" x 1.73"

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