Rockville RMH200B Single DIN Marine Receiver Waterproof Gimbal Housing Black

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  • Rockville RMH200B Universal Single DIN Marine Radio Receiver Waterproof Gimbal Housing With Wire Pass Through in Black
  • Also Available in White
  • U-shaped Mounting Bracket for Deck or Overhead Installation
  • ABS Housing with Polycarbonate Front Cover 
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware 
  • Polycarbonate Bracket 
  • Protects Your Stereo From the Elements 
  • Smoke Colored Housing Window 
  • Spring Loaded Flip-Up Door 
  • Support Shelf In Rear Of Housing For Radio 
  • Pre-Wired Power(3 Wire), Speaker(8 Wire), RCA(2 Wire), Antenna
  • Makes installation easier! Here is how it works. You take the speaker leads of your wire harness (for the 4 speakers) and connect them to the 8 wires inside the housing. You now connect the power and ground and remote wire. If you are using an external amplifier, then connect the RCA’s as well.  Now you take the 8 speaker leads in the rear of the housing and connect those to your speaker wires. If you have an amplifier you will plug the RCA in the back of the unit to your amplifier. You will also run the power wire from the rear of the housing to your 12 volt power source. You will connect the black ground wire to anything metal. You can also connect the remote wire to the amplifier. What is amazing about this is that because we have this feature it allows the wires to be enclosed in a waterproof housing which will ensure all your wiring and your receiver last for a long time.
  • Fully enclosed design provides protection from the elements
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware included
  • Rubber grommets for cable protection
  • Positive locking door mechanism
  • One-piece mounting bracket
  • Fully adjustable mounting angle
  • UV Resistant Plastic 
  • Dimensions:9.5"W*10"D*4"H(Units) 9.30"W*1.10"D*3.75"H(Bracket)


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