Rockville RTR122 12 Foot 2 Channel Twisted Pair RCA Cable Split Pin, 100% Copper

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RCA cables are the backbone of your audio system. They are used for transferring audio and video signals. Without a proper signal, you can have a distorted signal which would make your system not perform to it's optimal capabilities. Don't ever settle for cheap RCA's because they will not provide a clean signal to your amplifiers or video sources.

These Rockville RCA cables are 100 % copper, and feature advanced technologies like triple shielding, magnetic interference rejection, woven outer shield, and more.


  • Rockville RTR122 12 Foot 2-Channel RCA Cable
  • 100% Oxygen Free Copper
  • Premium Audiophile RCA Interconnect Cables
  • Split Pin Technology Ensures a Secure Connection
  • Outstanding Noise Rejection, Accuracy, and Frequency Response
  • Color Coded Channel Identification
  • Length: 12-Foot
  • Also Available in: 3-Foot, 6-Foot, 17-Foot, 20-Foot and 25-Foot
  • Same Cables as Included in the Rockville Flash WK Kits
  • Rockville lifetime warranty
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