Rockville RVMIC4 Round-Base Microphone Stand With Quick Release Hand Clutch

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The Rockville RVMIC4 mic stand is extremely rugged and tough! This is one of the most sturdy stands on the market. It also offers the most convenient features on the market.

This mic stand has a clutch system that allows you to instantly raise or lower the stand with one hand. It is the most convenient way to adjust a mic stand ever!

This stand is built so you can throw it around! It is one of the thickest stands on the market! Most brands do not advertise how thick their tubing is, but we do! Our 1 inch diameter thick steel tubing is unmatched by any other brands! The joints we use are made of aluminum. Almost all competing products use plastic. We use a very heavy duty round base that’s got some serious weight to it! This makes the stand very sturdy. The diameter of the base is 9.84” inches. To give you an idea of how heavy-duty this stand is, it weighs in at 8.8 lbs. This stand is rock solid and un-breakable!

For added convenience we added wire clips that allow you to route the wire cleanly. If you own a concert hall or just want the best performing stand on the market, then this is the stand for you.


  • Rockville RVMIC4 Professional Round-Base Microphone Stand With Quick Release Hand Clutch
  • One-hand adjusting using the hand-clutch system (no need to turn knobs to adjust!)
  • Adjustable Height Range: 43-69 inches
  • Aluminum leg joints
  • This mic stand is the easiest and quickest to adjust on the market!
  • The stand tubes are 25 mm thick for the bottom tube, and 18mm for the top tube. This is about 50 % thicker than almost all other brands on the market making this one of the sturdiest stands in the world
  • 100% steel construction and Aluminum joints! NO Plastic parts!
  • Virtually Unbreakable (under normal use)
  • Cable guiding clip on the stand for running cables
  • Black Color
  • Top Tube Diameter: 0.75" inch
  • Lower Tube Diameter: 1" inches
  • Round base with a diameter of 9.84” inches
  • This rock solid stand weighs in at 8.8 LBS!
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