Rockville SX32100 32 Channel (4 returns) 100 Foot XLR Snake Cable, 100% OFC

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The Rockville SX32100 snake cable is a heavy duty snake cable ideal for permanent installs, stage rigs, and PA systems.

Not all snake cables are created equally. What makes this model is better is that each wire has an outer nylon jacket for extreme protection. We also have an inner PVC jacket as well. You can step on or even jump o our cables without any issues. In addition there is an aluminum connector that all the cables run through. The purpose of this is that if anyone pulls on the cable , the cable can not break or rip.

This snake will keep your microphone and cable runs tidy and organized. It features 28 send channels with female XLR connectors at the control box and 24 male XLR connectors at the opposite end. There are also 4 return channels with male XLR connectors at the control box and 8 female XLR connectors at the other end of the cable. These cables offer superb output from your mixer as they are 100% copper! The SX32100 comes with a ruggedly built control box and sturdy 1" 100% Oxygen Free Copper cables. We use high quality 3 pin XLR connectors to ensure the highest levels of sound transfer.


  • Rockville SX32100 32 Channel (28 sends + 4 returns) 100 Foot XLR Snake Cable, 100% OFC
  • Sends: 28 XLR Male - Returns: 4 XLR Female Connectors
  • Outer nylon jacket for extreme protection
  • Inner PVC jacket for further protection
  • Blue aluminum connector makes sure the cable can never break even if someone pulls on it really hard
  • 1" thick cable
  • 25 gauge 100% OFC conductor
  • 100% OFC wire and aluminum foil double shielding
  • Excellent insulation
  • Labeled and numbered ports for quick and easy set up
  • Heavy duty steel stage box with handle
  • Unit Weight: 55 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 57 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 11.4in (51 x 51 x 29cm)
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