SKB 1SKB-DRP2 - Includes D1822 D1012 D1616 Drum Cases+22" Cymbal Vault Hard Case

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Product Description
Package Includes:
  • (1) SKB 1SKB-DRP2 Package 2 - Includes D1822 D1012 D1616 Drum Set Kit Case
  • (1) SKB 1SKB-CV8 ATA 22" Cymbal Vault Hard Case

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Description of 1SKB-DRP2:

The SKB-DRP2 Kit includes the 10 x 12 Tom, 16 x 16 Floor Tom and the 18 x 22 Bass cases. Design features include a traditional D shape, with molded in feet for protection and upright positioning, deep Roto-X rib pattern offering durability and reliable stacking, new fabric covered foam inserts that resist damage by drum hardware and securely cradle drums with maximum protection and Sure Grip handles with a 90 degree stop.


  • SKB 1SKB-DRP2 SKB Drum Package 2 Includes Tom, Floor Tom, Bass Hard Cases
  • Traditional D shape
  • Molded in feet for protection and upright positioning
  • Fabric covered foam inserts
  • Sure Grip handles with a 90 degree stop
  • Heavy-duty web strap for reliable closure
  • Sturdy high tension slide release buckle

What's Included:

  • 10 x 12 Tom
  • 16 x 16 Floor Tom
  • 18 x 22 Bass cases


Model: 1SKB-DRP2

Carton Length 29.00 in 73.66 cm
Carton Width 39.00 in 99.06 cm
Carton Depth 24.50 in 62.23 cm
Diameter 39.00 in 99.06 cm
Shipping Weight 40.50 lb 18.37 kg

Description of 1SKB-CV8:

Roto molded of Linear Low Density Polyethylene with a welded center post that will hold seven or more cymbals this cymbal case has become the drummer's choice. Complete with four cymbal pads and a storage pocket, the cymbals will travel without pressure on the sound edge. Molded with the "X" pattern this redesigned Cymbal Vault will stack conveniently with the SKB Roto-X Drum Cases.


  • Holds up to eight 22" diameter cymbals
  • Four padded dividers for protection
  • Stacks with SKB Roto-X drum cases
  • Diameter: 23.00 in / 58.42 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 12.00 lb / 5.44 kg
  • Product Weight: 9.60 lb / 4.35 kg

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