XS Power 558 I -Bar for 555 I-Bar Bus-Bar Battery Terminal Adapter

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  • 12, 14 or 16 volts
  • Compatible with I-Bar D1200 Battery Adapter
  • Absorbed Glass Mat
  • Spillproof, sealed, valve regulated and vibration resistant
  • Ultra low internal resistance
  • Available in Steel Protective Case
  • Mount in almost any position
  • Great for racing, car audio, motorcycles and marine

XS Power – The undisputed champs of mobile audio!

XS Power equipped vehicles racked up more than 10 World Titles and Championships in their introductory year in competition, and continues to dominate the SQ and SPL judging lanes with more champions choosing XS Power than any other brand!

Tired of worrying about buying the right battery for your application, or buying a battery that is supposed to be able to do the job but just comes up short? Well with XS Power Batteries all the guess work and worrying is over. All XS Power AGM Batteries are designed and manufactured with industry leading Lead Tin Technology, which allows the full line of XS Power AGM batteries to work as starting and secondary batteries. This Lead Tin Technology also allows the batteries to be discharged lower and recover faster than the competition. This means you will still have the voltage you need to get that last DB needed to set the world record. All 12volt XS Power AGM Batteries come with an industry leading 3-year (non-prorated) warranty, and a 90-day no questions asked money back guarantee. XS Power Batteries will be the last batteries you will ever have to buy!

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